The foundation

With the blessings and inspiration of Param Pujya Satgurudev Brahmrishi Vishvatma Bawra Ji Maharaj and Pujya Brahmvadini Swami Krishan Kanta Ji Maharaj, Brahmrishi Ashram Netherlands was started by Pujya Gurudev Brahmchari Dr. Dinesh Ji Maharaj on the 5th of April 2018 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.


Brahmrishi Ashram Netherlands’ mission is to inspire and guide people to a way of life that brings health, peace and wellbeing (physical, mental and spiritual) and that fosters togetherness and unity in society.


Brahmrishi Ashram Netherlands has an egalitarian vision, standing for oneness in all. In a society that is getting more and more materialistic and individualistic (and as a consequence has to deal with many physical and mental problems), we want to show a good way. A way that emphasizes the real value of life and the power of unity. A way to a unified, healthy and happy society.


Brahmrishi Ashram Netherlands aims to live its mission and realize its vision by a wide range of activities. These are summarized under the motto ‘Wisdom, Love, Service’. wisdom to know the way of life, love to experience the way of life and service to spread the way of life.

To achieve its mission Brahmrishi Ashram Netherlands has four focus areas:
1)  Social participation and social wellbeing
2)  Vedic culture and Hinduism
3)  Health and overall wellbeing
4)  Metaphysical Science and Social Research

As such the foundation exists of four corresponding units:
1)  Brahmrishi Ashram Netherlands for the social aspect
2)  Shri Rameshwar Dham for the cultural and religious aspect
3)  Brahmrishi Yoga Sadhna Centre for the health and wellbeing aspect
4)  Brahmrishi Institute of Research And Training (BIRAT) for the research and training aspect

Executive Board

Founder President & Director

Pujya Gurudev Brahmchari
Dr. Dinesh Ji Maharaj


Shri Soerindranath Moelchand

Vice-secretary & Treasurer

Sushri Dr. Shiva Triedevi

Program Management Team

Mukti Moelchand

Rishi Soekhoe

Dilip Gobiend

Devanand van den Bogert

Ramanand Bhaggan

Shaida Rehman

Bholanand Bholai

Sila Sattoe

Gisla Saroep

Kerry Lochan

Javor Ribarov

Natasja Bissesar

Kalyani Nguyen

Shivani Ghisyawan

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