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ter gelegenheid van International Yoga Day 2021

Our Yoga Professionals

Yoga & Life Management with Guru Ji

Spiritual Master and Yoga Rishi Pujya Gurudev Swami Dr. Dineshwaranand Ji Maharaj teaches us about Holistic Patanjali Yoga. From Niyama and Yama through Samadhi, he holds both theoretical and practical classes, and gives valuable insights for daily life. Join him for the monthly Full Moon meditation at the Ashram or see the schedule for any of his other classes. His classes are mostly donation-based (donate what you can).
Guru Ji is also available for personal guidance on various life-related topics, like physical and mental health issues, stress management, psychological counseling, spiritual guidance, aura cleansing, chakra healing, prana healing, mantra healing etc. Call for more information and scheduling an appointment at Brahmrishi Ashram.

Yoga & Meditation with Shiva

Dr. Shiva teaches mantra medition, self-consciousness and scientific teachings of Yoga scriptures (Samkhya). She is giving step by step teachings of Vedic Philosophy of our ancient Rishis and Yogis, based on what she learned about Spiritual Science and practice in her own life and from her Gurudev Ji.
She is also specialized in health management and a professional researcher and lecturer at a university, leading different health-related research and innovation projects. Additionally, Shiva is providing personal guidance to students on their educational career and life management.

Yoga with Dilip

Dilip is an experienced Yoga teacher specialized in Hatha Yoga.
Join him for his weekly Yoga classes on saturday morning from 11.00 to 12.30 at Brahmrishi Ashram.

Yoga with Kerry

Kerry is a professional yoga teacher specialized in Yin Yoga, Gentle Hatha Yoga and Restorative Yoga. Join her for her monthly Yoga class on every last wednesday of the month from 18.00 to 19.30 at Brahmrishi Ashram.

Tai Chi with Javor

Javor is a professional Tai Chi teacher who loves to share his experience and knowledge with others. Tai Chi is an internal Chinese martial art practiced for both its health benefits and meditation.
Join Javor for his monthly Tai Chi class on every second sunday of the month from 13.30 to 15.00 at Brahmrishi Ashram.

Enjoy a refreshing yoga / meditation activity

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